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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is  a small selection of frequently asked questions. It’s by no means an exhaustive list.  If you have a question that’s not been answered then please get in touch (contact details at the foot of the page) and we’ll be happy to answer your question.


Can I speak to someone about the WMG Academy?

You can always contact us by email or phone. For an informal chat about the admissions process or to organise to be part of a tour, simply ask for a member of our admissions team.

Is there homework?

Yes, for all students.

What engineering qualifications will my child get?

Please see the curriculum pages which underlines the engineering qualifications available.

Do the students undertake coursework and/or exams?

The students undertake both – in some subjects (e.g. maths) there is no homework, however in some subjects (e.g. engineering design) coursework makes up the bulk of the marks available.

What are the maximum class sizes?

Generally speaking, for lower school class sizes are below 30, however some classes for engineering at KS5 are larger, but have two allocated teachers to the group. Many classes at both Key Stages are relatively small.

On what basis will students be accepted into the school, will it be purely on academic performance? If so, how will this be measured?

As a state-funded school there will be, and can be no selection. Our Admissions Policy outlines procedures for the allocation of places in the event of over-subscription (this is done by ballot). Potential learners must, however, have an interest in engineering as the school curriculum will have a clear bias towards creating, doing and designing.

Will the staff be qualified teachers?

The vast majority of teaching staff will be qualified teachers. Some teaching staff will be qualified engineers or graduates with the appropriate skills set to work in schools and develop their skills as teachers at the beginning of their career. As in all schools, we will also employ teaching assistants. All staff will be involved in an induction training programme and then in high quality continuous professional development. We believe this mix of qualified teachers and engineers will give the learners the best possible education and employability skills.

Will my child be guaranteed a job/apprenticeship with one of the Academy’s partner companies?

We do not guarantee a job/apprenticeship with one of our partner companies, however, by the time learners leave the WMG Academy they will have engaged with a network of employers and have a range of superior employability skills and be on a professional pathway which should enable them to easily take the next steps into higher education, apprenticeship or employment.