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Friends of WMG Academy

Friends of WMG Academy (formerly Parent Learner Forum)

Friends of WMGA invites parents of pupils, student representatives and supporting businesses to the New Year 2 forum which builds upon the work of the Parent Forum created in Year 1.  Attendees to meetings and events are welcome to work with the WMG Academy for Young Engineers staff to develop and share the vision and strategic direction of the Academy.

The Parent Forum was set up an inaugural meeting on the 9th October 2014 at which General Rules and Objectives were agreed. The Terms of Reference (ToR) of the Friends of WMGA will be agreed on the 24th September 2015.

A warm welcome is made to all parents  to share their expertise and knowledge and possibly develop skills themselves. Social events will be held during each term to foster positive engagement, support to pupils and staff and help with occasional fund raising.

General Parent Forum Terms

  • Parents of pupils at WMG Academy are free to attend any forum meeting, but each meeting will have five core members who would rotate the roles of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.
  • The initial core 5 comprises of Julie Yates, Sarah Roberts, Pete Austin, Andy Savage and Marie Parekh.
  • The meetings wll take place on Thursdays 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm. Two meetings are likely per term.
  • Minutes of each meeting will be published on the WMG Academy within 2 weeks of the meeting.

Objectives of the Parent Learner Forum

  • To seek views and ensure the needs of the learners/parents are met;
  • Share information, develop and improve dialogue;
  • Identify volunteering opportunities for parents to share expertise and knowledge and develop skills themselves;
  • Share vision of the academy and be a vehicle for parents to contribute to the strategic direction.
  • Maximise the potential of the Academy as a centre of excellence.
  • Minutes from Parent Learner Form Meeting s will be posted on this page.


Meeting Dates:- 3rd December/21st January/5th May/16th June 2016

Year 2015/16 – Year 2

Friends-of-WMGA-Agenda-for-5th May 2016

Notes of Friends of WMGA Meeting held on 21st January 2016

Friends-of-WMGA-Agenda-for-21st January 2016

Notes of Friends of WMGA meeting on 24th September2015-V1

Friends of WMGA – Agenda-for-24th-September-2015-WMGA V3

Year 2014/2015 – Year 1

Notes of Parent Learner Forum held on 9th October 2014

Agenda for Parent Learner Forum on 4th December 2014

Notes of Parent Leader Forum Meeting held on 04 12 14

Agenda for Parent Learner Forum on 11th February 2015

Agenda for Parent Learner Forum on 18th June 2015

Notes of Parent Learner Forum held on 11 February 2015

Notes from Parent Learner Forum Social Gathering 19 March 2015

Notes from Meeting of Parent Learner Forum WMGA – PLF 18th June 2015