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Work Experience

WMG Academy for Young Engineers Work Experience Code of Practice


We value work experience highly, as it falls within our business-like ethos, however work experience at the academy is managed in the following way.

Business Partner Work Experience Placements

work-experienceOur business partners will be approached on an annual basis to evaluate the opportunities for one week placements. Once we are informed about this allocation, we advertise openly to students via the assembly programme. Some of these placements may only be suitable for VI form students on the grounds of health and safety risk assessment. Students will need to apply in writing using a generic WMG Academy application form and submit this to our careers officer by the deadline provided. In the event of these placements being over-subscribed, students will be selected on the quality of their application by a panel which includes the careers officer and a member of the pastoral team. These placements will be automatically authorised for absence (1 week maximum) and will require parental consent. All of these placements have health and safety checks carried out by our independent consultants. SEN students and Pupil Premium students will be given priority for these placements, however this will be risk assessed independently.

Independently organised placements

Many of our students have work experience contacts though friends and family. Students will be permitted to have up to a week’s leave of absence per academic year, however the following conditions will apply.

1. The careers officer will scrutinise all applications and these will be approved or rejected by the Associate Principal.

2. The work experience placements will not be able to last longer than a week in duration per academic year.

3. Applications for work which is not in the context of design, engineering, science, technology, mathematics or manufacturing will be rejected.

4. Applications which can be justified in the context of student’s study pathway are possible.

5. We require 4 weeks’ notice before start date to approve an application.

6. If the company does not appear on the database of independent health and safety consultants, a fee of £25 will be payable in order to approve the placement. The placement will not be authorised without this check.

With all work experience placements, failure to comply to the business’s code of conduct will result in immediate termination of the experience and compulsory return to the academy.