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Cambridge Nationals (Lev 2) Engineering Manufacture

Awarding Body : OCR

Overview of Course

Engineering manufacture is a discipline dealing with different manufacturing practices and processes using machines, tools and equipment that turn raw materials to new products. Learners will discover the processes involved in manufacturing new engineered products.

It provides learners with the knowledge and skills required to operate manufacturing tools and equipment used to make products from the requirements of a design specification. It develops their understanding of the processes and systems required to transfer a design concept into a product.

Content and Assessment

Unit R109: Engineering materials, processes and production Assessment: Written paper

  • Know about properties and uses of engineering materials
  • Understand engineering processes and their application
  • Know about development in engineering processes
  • Understand the impact of modern technologies on engineering production

Unit R110: Preparing and planning for manufacture Assessment: Internal assessment

  • Be able to plan for the making of a pre-production product
  • Be able to use processes, tools and equipment safely to make a pre-production product
  • Be able to modify a production plan for different
  • Scales of production

Unit R111: Computer-aided manufacturing Assessment: Internal assessment

  • Be able to plan the production of components on Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines
  • Be able to interpret information from Computer Aided Design (CAD) to manufacture components on CNC equipment
  • Be able to set up and use CNC equipment to manufacture components
  • Know about applications of computer-controlled processes used to manufacture products

Unit R112: Quality control of engineered products Assessment: Internal

  • Understand the importance of quality control
  • Be able to assess product quality from inspection and quality control techniques
  • Know how modern technologies can be used in
  • Quality control
  • Know the principles of lean manufacturing

Career Links

Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Structural Engineer, Genetic Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Military Engineering and many more.