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GCSE Science: Double Award

Awarding Body : AQA

Overview of Course

Science is an essential subject for all students, allowing you to understand more deeply the technological and natural world around you. Studying Science will support your work in engineering, helping you to base your projects on real scientific theories. Students will complete Key Stage 4 with two GCSEs that combine Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Throughout the course, students will develop their practical and investigative skills, which will also be assessed through the examinations.

Content and Assessment

Two written exam papers each in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This totals six written examinations worth 16.7% each, all taken at the end of Year 11. (1 hour 15 mins per exam) Students can be entered for foundation exams, with which they can achieve grades 1 to 5, or higher tier exams, for which grades 4 to 9 are awarded.

Biology: Cells; Organisation; Bioenergetics; Infection and response; Homeostasis and response; Inheritance, variation and evolution; Ecology

Chemistry: Atomic structure and the periodic table; Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter; Quantitative chemistry; Chemical changes; Energy changes; The rate and extent of chemical change; Organic chemistry; Chemical analysis; Chemistry of the atmosphere; Using resources

Physics: Forces; Waves; Magnetism and electromagnetism; Energy; Electricity; Particle model of matter; Atomic structure Most students at the academy will follow this Science pathway at GCSE level.

Studying two GCSEs in science gives students a good understanding of important scientific concepts, while giving them the freedom to explore other subjects. Students who are particularly interested in Science, and are actively pursuing a Science based career, may wish to be considered for our Triple Science pathway.

Career Links

Studying GCSE Science is extremely useful for students wishing to pursue a career in Engineering, and also prepares students for careers in Science based industries. Students who enjoy studying science may wish to consider further careers in human or veterinary medicine, environmental science, material science, geology, oil based or alternative energy, automotive design and testing, and electrical engineering.