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GCSE Business Studies

Overview of Course

Students will be introduced to the world of small business and what makes a successful business person. They will study how businesses are set up, methods used to motivate employees, paying and training of the workforce and communication at work. They will study how a business develops beyond the start-up phase, focussing on practical methods used to build up a business and the impact of the wider world on the success or failure of a business.

Content and Assessment

A291: Marketing and Enterprise Internal assessment (25%)

  • Market research
  • The marketing mix
  • Marketing in the wider environment
  • Enterprise
  • Business plan

A292: Business and People Written paper (1 hour) (25%)

  • The need for business activity
  • Business ownership
  • Growth, location
  • Employment and retention
  • Organisation and communication

A293: Production, Finance and the External Business Environment Written paper (1 hour 30 mins) (50%)

  • Production methods
  • Management of production methods
  • Production costs
  • ┬áSources of finance
  • Financial forecasting and analysis
  • Competitive environment
  • Environmental influences and ethics
  • Government and the economy
  • Globalisation and UK Business

Career Links

The study of Business at GCSE will develop your skills of reading, writing, analysis, synthesis and critical thinking in a business context, all of which are valued by employers. Each of these skills offer endless possibilities in your future career choice, for example, in marketing, sales, finance, production, politics and government etc.