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GCSE Geography

Awarding Body : OCR

Overview of Course

This course gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts and appreciate the relevance of these concepts to our changing world. They will appreciate the differences and similarities in people’s views of the world and its environments, societies and cultures and they will understand the significance of values and attitude to the development and resolution of issues.

The responsibilities as global citizens and the contribution to a future that is sustainable and inclusive will be explored along with the importance of location and environments from local to global. Students will develop geographical skills and apply them through their learning to the real world through fieldwork and other out-of-classroom learning.

Content and Assessment

Our Natural World (Core Unit) External written examination (35%) (1 hour and 15 mins)

The natural world unit contains a rich diversity of distinctive landscapes and ecosystems studied by investigating physical processes and human interactions. Topics include:-

  • Global hazards
  • Changing climate
  • Distinctive landscapes
  • Sustainable eco-systems
  • Fieldwork
  • Geographical skills

People and Society (Core Unit) External written examination (35%) (1 hour and 15 mins)

The people and society unit investigates patterns and processes that shape the human planet. It explores the connections between people and places, questioning how these may change over time. Topics include:-

  • Urban futures
  • Dynamic development
  • UK in the 21 century
  • Resource reliance
  • Fieldwork
  • Geographical skills

Geographical Exploration External written examination (30%) (1 hour and 30 mins)

This paper assesses the geographical skills acquired during the course through a decision making exercise. The decision making exercise is a synoptic paper based on a theme from the two core units For this unit, there will be a compulsory fieldwork element to the course.

Career Links

A qualification in Geography is very well respected by both universities and employers and can lead to jobs in environmental management, information services, scientific services, leisure, travel and tourism, professional and social services and education.