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Year 12 & 13 Curriculum


Key Stage 5

Post-16 learners will further increase their portfolio of qualifications and through two distinct personalised pathways (reflecting outcomes in Year 11). These qualifications will include Level 3 Engineering qualifications, A-levels and other additional examined courses. Alongside this work there will also be opportunities to engage in enrichment activities to build skills and personal confidence.

Many students at this stage will be starting on a pathway to a career in engineering or science which may be through an apprenticeship route or via Further or Higher Education. As with all our qualifications, we are in constant dialogue with the University of Warwick, employers and examination boards to ensure we are offering the best, industry and university-recognised qualifications to our students.

Please see the Post-16 Curriculum Booklet 2017-2018 for full details.

Pathway 1 – For learners wishing to study engineering at university or pursue an advanced apprenticeship. Most learners will be expected to take at least 3 A-levels in addition to a recognised level 3 technical engineering qualification (Cambridge Technicals). Students may choose not to study engineering, but must ensure that a minimum of two STEM A-levels make up their portfolio. Entrance into Higher Level Apprenticeships at the age of 18 is also an option following this pathway.

Pathway 1 learners will need to secure 5 x A*-C grades at GCSE (including English and maths) as well as B grades in the subjects selected for A-level study (A in maths and physics).

Pathway 2 – For learners wishing to study engineering at selected universities, pursue a Higher Level Apprenticeship or go into employment. A level 3 vocational qualification in engineering or similar is our usual vehicle for this pathway.

BTEC Extended Diploma

There is a possibility to combine A-levels and the BTEC qualification on this pathway.

Pathway 2 learners will need to secure 5 x A*-C grades at GCSE (including English or maths).