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GCE Computer Science

Awarding Body : OCR

Overview of Course

Learners will develop an understanding
of the organisation of computer systems including: software, hardware, data, communications and people. They will use this knowledge to solve computing and programming problems in a range of contexts, taking into account the consequences of social, legal and ethical issues within the technological world.

They will develop skills in project and time management and the capacity to think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically.

Course Entry Requirements

Learners should have a basic understanding and
knowledge of both hardware and software from their
Key Stage 4 studies. Preferably, learners should have a level 2 qualification in IT.

Content and Assessment

AS Level (A1 units)

Unit 1: Computer Fundamentals

  • External assessment
  • Hardware and Software
  • Data transmission and networking, structure and management
  • Systems development lifecycle
  • Implications of computer use and characteristics of information systems

Unit 2: Programming Techniques and Logical Methods

External assessment

  • Designing solutions to problems
  • The structure of procedural programme
  • Data types and structures
  • Common facilities of procedural languages
  • Writing maintainable programs, testing and running solutions

A Level (A2 units)

Unit 3: Advanced Computing Theory

External assessment

  • The function of operating systems and translators
  • Computer architecture and programming techniques
  • Data representation, structures, manipulation and databases.
  • High-level language programming paradigms, and
  • Low-level languages

Unit 4: Computing Project

Internal assessment

This unit provides learners with the opportunity to complete a substantial project over an extended period of time. They will demonstrate their skills in analysis, design, software, development, testing, implementation, documentation and evaluation, and their interrelation, to give a completed overall system that solves the problem

Career links

Computer Science could lead into such jobs as: Programming, Games Design, Cryptography, Computer Forensics, Data Analyst and Web Technologies.