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GCE Geography

Awarding Body : AQA

Overview of Course

OCR’s A level in Geography aims to encourage learners to develop a range of essential skills for Higher Education and the world of work through content which is relevant to any citizen of the planet in the 21st century. Through exciting topics, learner will understand the nature of physical and human geography whilst unpicking the debates surrounding contemporary challenges facing the world today.

There will be three exams worth 80% of the marks and a piece of independent investigation worth 20%

Course Requirements

Learners will be expected to have a minimum of a Grade B in GCSE Geography.

Content and Assessment

Paper 1 – Physical systems

  • LandscapeSystems
  • Earth’sLifeSupportSystems  1 hour 45 minutes
  • Worth 72 marks
  • Written paper

Paper 2 – Human interactions

  • Changing Spaces, Making Places
  • Global Connections
  • 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Worth 72 marks
  • Written paper

Paper 3 – Geographical debates: Optionality – study 2 of 5

  • Climate Change
  • Disease Dilemmas
  • Exploring Oceans
  • Future of Food
  • Hazardous Earth
  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Worth 96 marks
  • Written paper

4. The independent investigation

Students are given the opportunity to undertake an independent investigation linked to any aspect of the specification to satisfy their intellectual curiosity. This component is designed to encourage learners to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their chosen topic whilst developing a number of geographical and study skills relevant to Higher Education or within the world of work.

Career Links

Geography is compatible with a range of subjects and is often studied with science and technology. A qualification in Geography is very well respected by both universities and employers and can lead to jobs in environmental management, information services, scientific services, leisure, travel and tourism, professional and social services and education.