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Extra Curricular

For Key Stage 4 learners (and for Key Stage 5 learners depending on availability) we offer a range of clubs and activities via our enrichment programme (in blue) which runs from 3:15pm-4:30pm (Tuesday to Friday). There is also a wide variety of intervention (in yellow) provision aimed at reducing the gap between current performance and academic targets.


Y11 Maths Grade 7/8/9 Focus (DVi) Y11 SEN English (Paula) Y11Cambridge Nationals (KHa) Y11 – Maths Grade 4/5/6 Focus (Awo) Y11 PP Maths (Hre) Y10 English (Ida) Yr11 CS Y11 Art
Football (Excel) MBr F1 in schools (Mez) RPh Young Enterprise (LB7) Mun Engineering Club (EH) PSp Film Club (Apa) Band Soc (LB2) Nro



Y10 – PP Science (Hre) Y10 Science Y10 – Cambridge Nationals (ERd)
Engineering Club – (EH) RPh Netball/Fitness


Debating and Public Speaking (LB10) Kha JLR 4×4



Y11 – GCSE Business – Mun Y11 – PP English (Hre) Y11 ECDL/CS Support (RSm) Y11 Science (Erd) Y11 GCSE English (Theresa) Y11 Engineering (RPh) Y10 SEN English (PWI)
Up cycling (LB4) Rco Chess (LB9) Dvi Rock Climbing (Uni) Aky Vex (Jfa) Workshop B for P1 Y10 Rugby (ERC) Ijo



Y11 Maths Grade 7/8/9 Focus (DVi) Y11 – ECDL /CS Support (Ian Jones) Y11 – GCSE TO A-LEVEL MATHS STRETCH (BSm) COMBINED ART CLUB (CNI) Y11 – GCSE Geograhy Intervention
Y1 – GCSE English (Ida) Y10 Maths Grade 4/5/6 Focus (Apa) y10 Cambridge Nationals-  (SWe) SLT MOP UP WITH CBU KS5 CS Y11 SEN Maths
Workshop A for P1 Y10 (Tro) Girls Fitness, Y10-13 Marshall Arts Fitness Group 2 Green Power (Yung/Rho) EH