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Welcome to WMG Academy for Young Engineers, Coventry

We are looking forward to welcoming you to WMG Academy Coventry for your visit. We are very proud of our academy and will be delighted to show you around. Our senior team will be on hand during your visit. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to support you.

Key Personnel

Mr Stewart Tait
Chief Executive Officer and WMG Academy Trust Leadership Mentor
[email protected]

Mr Fiesal Mahroof
Associate Principal
[email protected]

Mr Dan Thomson
Assistant Principal
[email protected]

Mr Gareth Clarke
Director of Pastoral and Additional Needs
[email protected]

Mrs Caroline Hickman
Director of Inclusion
[email protected]

Find out more about the WMG Academy Coventry staff here.
Find out more about the WMG Academy Trust staff here.


WMG Academy for Young Engineers is overseen by the WMG Academy Trust. The Trust is made up members from industry and the University of Warwick who have led the development of WMG Academy and oversee its running from a strategic perspective. The Trust Board is complemented by a Local Governing Body (LGB).

The Local Governing Body is chaired by Mr James Morgan.

You can find out more about the Local Governing Body here.
You can find out more about the Trust Board here. 

WMG Academy Coventry statutory information is available here.
WMG Academy Trust company information is available here. 

We are proud of our academy

Student Destinations

WMG Academy has outstanding student destinations. Through a network of engaged employer partners, a Russell Group university sponsor and a local plethora of apprenticeship, apprenticeship, further and higher education providers, all students go on to leading destinations. In 2021, WMG Academy had 0% NEETs at KS4 and KS5 exit points.

You can find out more about the WMG Academy Careers Strategy here.

Destinations 2021 Leavers 2020 Leavers
Key Stage 4
% remain in WMGA Sixth Form 50% 64%
% continue education at other school, college or sixth form 41% 26%
% apprenticeships L2/3 9% 5%
% NEET 0% 5%
Key Stage 5
% university 65% 45%
% employment 2% 8%
% apprenticeship L2/3 1% 5%
% apprenticeship L3+ 13% 13%
% FE 3% 7%
% gap year 8% 3%
% resit 3% 1%
% undergoing recruitment processes 5% 15%
% NEET 0% 3%

Employer Partners

WMG Academy is ‘business like, business led’ and we are proud to have a significant number of small, medium and large employer partners who work with us and support our students in multiple ways. Our students work with our partners throughout their time at WMG Academy, working on real-life projects and learning valuable life skills from professionals with a wealth of experience.

These include technical skills, interview and communication skills and broader employability skills, including business behaviours. Our business partners, along with our education partner, the University of Warwick, offer visits, placements and learning experiences to WMG Academy students. We aim to provide our students with a high level of interaction with businesses to give them insight into different career destinations and knowledge of STEM-related roles.

Employers can support WMG Academy by:

Our partners include: Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Balfour Beatty, Pinset Masons, Bosch, Arup, Cummins, Triumph, National Grid, Prodrive, Tata and Squires Gears to name but a few.

You can find out more about our student success and employer engagement on our website and in our newsletters!

Academic Results

Please note – Progress 8 is not a valid calculation for WMG Academy.

Some schools start educating pupils partway through the 5-year period covered by Progress 8, which should be taken into account when comparing their results with schools that start at Key Stage 3. Progress 8 is not the most appropriate performance measure for university technical colleges, studio schools and some further education colleges. These establishments typically start educating pupils at age 14, with a focus on preparing pupils for their future careers by providing an integrated academic and professional education. Other headline measures, particularly pupil destinations, are more important for these establishments.

The government’s ambition for all mainstream secondary schools is for 75% of pupils nationally to be entered for the EBacc by 2022. However, this ambition specifically does not apply to university technical colleges (UTCs) and studio schools because they provide a specialist technical and professional education. – School Inspection Handbook, s364 (accessed 12th March 2022)

You can find out more about WMG Academy’s academic success here:

Key Stage 2 Attainment for Current Students

Enrichment and Employability

WMG Academy is proud that our students leave us after two or four years “ready for life in modern Britain” (Ofsted 2017). In addition to outstanding careers advice, information and guidance, WMG Academy offers a suite of extracurricular activities designed to build student confidence, develop employability skills and enhance technical skills.

On a Thursday afternoon, students can take part in a range of activities, which have included the following:

New activities include:

Safeguarding and Pastoral Support

WMG Academy recognises that safeguarding and child protection is an essential part of our duty of care to all students and all staff have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which children can learn. The Academy understands that safeguarding, child protection and promoting the welfare of all children is everyone’s responsibility and everyone has a role to play in protecting students. WMG Academy recognise that our academy is part of a wider safeguarding system for children and work closely with other agencies to promote the welfare of children. The academy maintains an attitude of ‘it could happen here’ and will consider the wishes of and, at all times, what is in the best interests of each child.

You can find out more about safeguarding, pastoral support and mental health awareness at WMG Academy here.

Changes Since Your Previous Visit

WMG Academy Coventry has changed since your last visit in March 2017.

You can find out more about demographic changes at WMG Academy here. 

Key Documents

Information for Inspectors

WMG Academy Coventry is located on Mitchell Avenue, Canley, Coventry, CV4 8DY. The academy shares a site with neighbouring Westwood Academy. On arrival, inspectors can contact reception using the call point to the right hand side of the gate. Reception will direct visitors to car parking by following the driveway to the left. Some parking, including disabled spaces, is available on the right hand side next to the bike sheds. Additional parking is available directly ahead to the left hand side of the main building.

There are no planned fire alarms during the inspection; however, should the alarm sound, inspectors should use the emergency staircases at each end of the building and congregate on the lawn at the front of the building.

Catering is available at the WMG Academy Canteen, which is shared with Westwood Academy. The canteen accepts contactless card and Apple Pay payments. A lunchtime meal deal is £2.50 and includes a main course, dessert and a drink.

The academy is situated near to the University of Warwick campus with good road connections to the A45, A46 and M6. Rail connections are available at Coventry, Canley and Tile Hill Stations.

Teaching Staff Timetables

Teaching Staff Timetables