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WMG-Academy-400x300-1Our learners work in a business-led environment very much like any professional engineer, and our purpose-built learning environment reflects this.

We have a range of spaces for our students to work, from quiet study areas to flexible team-working rooms. There are desk areas for computer-based design and specialist, dedicated engineering facilities and equipment. We don’t have traditional classrooms, instead we have a range of adaptable professional working spaces, much as you would expect in any business.

Students also have the opportunity to use WMG’s facilities at the University of Warwick where they can work alongside academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as businesses such as Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors.  With the development of the new National Automotive Innovation Campus at the University, there will be increasing opportunities to access these facilities.

Within the school there will also be provision for working space for our industry partners who will be participating in projects and mentoring. We want to encourage our students, teachers and businesses to freely interact and co-operate in a flexible, non-prescriptive, business-like manner.

Located on Mitchell Avenue in Coventry, we sit alongside the Westwood Academy, with which we share dining and sports facilities. In addition to this we also have access to the substantial sports facilities at the University of Warwick, just a few minutes’ walk from the Academy.

Whilst we work together and share facilities, the two Academies are independent of each other and retain their own distinct identities.

You can view some of the architects images for our new building on our facebook page.